VegieMaster Soft Sided Aeration Container Handles

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Taking advantage of the benefits of traditional plastic gardening containers while eliminating the shortcomings , our soft growing containers allow more air to reach the growing medium and roots, impr… Read more…

What are your best tips for storing potatoes?
First, you should cure your potatoes by keeping them in the dark at 60 degrees with high humidity for about 10 days to allow the tubers to heal. (With potatoes, curing is often called “suberizing,” or wound healing.) After that, choose cool, dark and moist conditions, with up to 95 percent humidity, at an ideal temperature of 38 to 40 degrees.
The best spot for a gardener’s potato crop would be a root cellar, but an unheated, damp basement is good, too. You can try putting your harvest in a wooden apple box, and then adding some moist burlap over top of the potatoes so they can breathe. In ideal conditions, potatoes can keep for up to about eight months, especially if they’re a variety known for storage quality.

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