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Potatoes are grown from seed potatoes, which look exactly like the potatoes you see in your local grocery store. The big difference is that seed potatoes haven’t been treated with growth inhibiting chemicals (Maleic hydrazide) and they have not gone through a proper dormancy period. This is why you never want to plant a potato you bought at the grocery store; plant only seed potatoes from a reputable nursery.
Now that you have your seed potatoes, cut them into chunks that are about the size of an ice cube or golf ball. Aim to have 2-3 eyes on each chunk.
Place these cut chunks in the refrigerator for a few days prior to planting. Some gardeners dust the chunks with sulfur at this point to protect them from rot and other soil-borne diseases. I don’t dust mine before planting because I never have sulfur on hand, and because I (thankfully) don’t have a problem with soil-borne disease. If you dust your chunks, let them dry for a day or two before planting.

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