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Specification Box Size:15inch*11inch*3inch(L*W*H) MINI Sharp Shovel Length:8.6inch MINI Shovel Length: 8.2inch MINI Garden Rake Length:7inch Garden Shovel Length:11.8inch; Width: 2.9inch Garden Rake L… Read more…

Growing Turnips, Scallions and Greens

With interest swelling as fast as turnips grow, gardeners may begin sowing this old-fashioned root crop again. Most vegetable seed companies offer just one or two turnip varieties, so shop around. Best known is ‘Purple Top White Globe’, the standard by which turnips are judged. One heirloom variety, called ‘Pinfeather’, sports green shoulders on large white roots. ‘Snowball’ is pure white.

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Like radishes, turnips are sown in spring or fall, though many gardeners prefer the flavor of fall-sown roots because they’re less bitter. “Red Milan” is recommended especially for spring planting. Sow turnip seeds early. Thin the crop often to give roots ample room to swell. In a couple of weeks from sowing, the first baby globes will be ready to pull. Check the row regularly after that — turnips mature with amazing speed.
Scallions are the quickest quick-crop of all, ready within days of planting if you start with a fistful of “bunching onions.” Scallions are a little tricky from seed, for the seeds are powder-fine, and transplants must be started early indoors. But many seed companies offer bundles of pre-started scallions, which they’ll ship on the date you request, to shave days off the harvest time.

Salad greens are so abundant it’s impossible to describe all of the varieties available. Salads will never get boring if you mix and match spring lettuces with tangy arugula and baby spinach leaves. And no quick-crop is more versatile than greens.

As soon as they arrive, quick-crops are gone. With shade cloth and misting, it’s possible to squeak out another week or two, but it’s much simpler to tack those extra days onto the beginning of the season with raised beds.

For peak flavor and freshness, practice successive sowing. Don’t hesitate. Just pull out plants that have passed their prime, even if it means composting them. Sow fresh seed in their place, and in the blink of an eye, another row will be ready for harvesting.

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