Bloem Potato Fabric Planter Gallon

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If you thought the only way you could plant potatoes is to be the owner of a big backyard, think again. Growing potatoes is easy with BloemBagz Potato Planter, and the taste and texture of homegrown f… Read more…

What are potatoes’ main pests, and what are your favorite tips for coping with them?
The three big pests in the United States are the Colorado potato beetle, the potato leafhopper and the potato flea beetle. For any pest, the best strategies are rotating crops and moving debris to the compost pile at the end of the year.
In small plots, you can get rid of the Colorado potato beetle by crushing the clusters of bright orangish-yellow eggs. If you need an insecticide, the most effective organic options are those with spinosad as the active ingredient. Organic farmers typically use the Entrust brand, but other brands are available for home gardeners.
Potato leafhoppers can be tough buggers. Look for browning and curling of plants’ leaves, called “hopperburn.” One of the varieties we grow, ‘King Harry,’ has pretty good resistance. It’s from a Cornell University breeding program, and has hairy leaves that release a gooey substance insects don’t like. If you’re under extreme pressure from potato leafhoppers, you may need to use an organic insecticide like Pyganic, a botanical pyrethrum product derived from a type of chrysanthemum.
If you’re just getting damage from potato flea beetles (a shotgun-hole pattern on plants’ leaves), the plants can usually outgrow it without any lasting problems. But if you get a second generation, larvae can tunnel into tubers in fall. A good solution for that is to apply beneficial nematodes.

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